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Compete in the first hackathon from July 11th - 12th in Chicago for a chance to win part of the $10,000 prize pool!

The Hackathon

Join us in Chicago on July 11th - 12th for Hack with Google: Google Workspace and AppSheet! More locations will be announced soon so please keep an eye out for future events in different locations. 

Using new and current tools from Google including new generative AI features in Google Workspace, AppSheet, and Google Cloud products, experienced developers and emerging mid-market companies are welcome to join and create innovative projects using these tools. 

Each hackathon has the same two challenges for participants to choose from: the Independent Developer track and the Emerging Mid-Market Track. Each hackathon location will have a different theme and focus, with Chicago being manufacturing

Who Should Participate

This hackathon is designed for experienced developers and emerging Mid-Market companies. Read below for more information on each challenge.

Software Developers

Data Scientists

Generative AI Experts

Emerging Mid-Market Companies are welcome to join the event and participate as a team. We ask that no more than 5 people total from your company participate. You are highly encouraged to network and collaborate at the event to find new customers, build a brand and implement new processes into their workstream. 

Individual participants may compete on their own, with their own company, or on a team of up to 5 participants.


The first event will be on July 11th - 12th at the Google Chicago Offices with a sponsoring partner, Onix.


The theme of our Chicago hackathon is manufacturing

Your solution should improve the efficiency and performance of manufacturing companies by incorporating Google's Workspace & AppSheet, or upcoming AI tools. The manufacturing theme for the Chicago hack applies to both Challenges 1 & 2.

During the hackathon, Onix will host a session on how customers are using AppSheet to give you further ideas on how to improve efficiencies. You are encouraged to take advantage of the resources linked at the bottom of this website as a starting point. 


There are two challenges to choose from for the hackathon. If you'll be participating on your own, join the Independent Developer track. If you're participating as a company, join the Emerging-Mid Market Company track.

Independent Developers Track

1. Bring your current processes, tools, methods, etc. and revamp your way of doing business. Showcase an actual use case.

2. Build something that can be used by many different types of manufacturing organizations or businesses. Use AppSheet in your solution and AI tools for even greater efficiency and performance.

Emerging-Mid Market Companies Track

1. Develop a Google Workspace implementation plan: Develop a plan for implementing Google Workspace that supports the specific needs of your company. Come up with a list of recommended apps, settings, and configurations that will help support productivity, collaboration and growth.

2. Create a Google Workspace prototype: Create a prototype of the Google Workspace implementation for your companyCome up with a set of templates, workflows and processes that will help support day-to-day operations.

Benefits of Participation


  1. $10,000 prize pool for each event!
  2. Multiple ways to win.
  3. Google Cloud credits to help fund the next stage of your business.

New Resources and Tools

  1. Experiment with AI tools from Google and use them for your projects.
  2. Attend high-level workshops for these tools including AppSheet, Google Cloud, and yet-to-be-released tools and features!

Receive expert level mentorship from Google & Partners 

  1. Google and the sponsoring companies will be on-site to assist you and ensure you create the best possible projects.


  1. Each event will also have the opportunity to network with Google, the sponsors for each event, and other likeminded developers and companies that are participating!


$10,000 Prize Pool Per Event Location


1st Place



The runner-up project will win $3,000


The third place project will win $2,000


The best overall project will win 


All prizes will be distributed after the final hackathon and will be split evenly between team members.

Judging Criteria

All submissions will be judged using the following criteria on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 5 being the highest.

Technical Execution

  1. Does the solution effectively utilize the available technologies & resources?
  2. How easy is your application to use?
  3. How advanced is the prototype presented?


  1. Is this a unique approach or new type of solution?
  2. Is the solution differentiated from others already on the market?
  3. Is the solution original and disruptive?

Impact/Business Potential

  1. Will this solution have a far reach and market potential?
  2. How helpful or useful would the solution be to impacted customers / users / communities / businesses / etc.?
  3. Can the solution scale over time to have a further reach?
  4. Can success be measured?



6/1 - 7/1

7/1 - 7/8

7/11 - 7/12

Registration Opens!

Event Promotion: Invite your friends/colleagues to participate!

Pre Event Webinar: The webinar will explain the challenges, event logistics, resources that will be provided, etc. The webinar will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

Hack with Google: Google Workspace and AppSheet, in Chicago!


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